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Everett, Massachusetts Alcohol And Drug Rehab Options

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Addiction Treatment In Everett, Massachusetts

Substance use disorders impact every aspect of life, but professional treatment can help. Residents of Everett have access to a variety of treatment options if they travel to nearby cities. Because there are multiple options available in the area, it’s important to compare the different programs carefully before you enroll. Remember that the best programs tend to be those that offer tailored or customized treatment services.

Drug And Alcohol Detox Programs

Withdrawal from drugs or alcohol is one of the most challenging parts of the recovery process, but a detox program can help. Alcohol and drug detox programs are designed to provide short-term support to patients as they eliminate these substances from their system. During this time, you may receive medication, as well as other forms of support. [middle-callout]

Inpatient Drug Rehab

One of the most effective addiction treatment options available is inpatient rehab, which provides patients with comprehensive, around-the-clock care. These programs offer the highest level of support in the industry, allowing patients access to treatment professionals at all times. Inpatient rehab is often recommended as the first line of treatment for patients who have substance use disorders. Inpatient rehab programs include a menu of individual and group-based services, like behavioral therapy and stress management training.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment

If you cannot attend a residential treatment program, or if you have already completed inpatient treatment but are not ready to be entirely discharged from care, you may benefit from outpatient care. Outpatient programs require several treatment sessions each week. The exact amount of time you spend in treatment on a weekly basis varies based on your needs and the requirements of the program.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Studies have shown that patients with substance use disorders may benefit from taking certain medications during treatment. These medications work by reducing cravings for opioids and alcohol, which may make it easier to focus on recovery. Medication-assisted treatment programs may be inpatient or outpatient, and they also include behavioral therapy and peer support groups.


Maintaining a connection to the addiction recovery community after you have graduated from rehab is one of the best ways to stay sober. Aftercare services give you access to valuable resources you can lean on when you face cravings or triggers. If possible, choose a rehab program that includes aftercare planning and offers aftercare services to patients.

How To Pay For Addiction Treatment

Paying for addiction treatment can be a challenge for many patients. However, you should never allow financial obstacles to stand in the way of getting the treatment you need. Most rehab centers are willing to accept cash, credit, and health insurance payments. To determine what you’ll owe out-of-pocket, confirm your coverage with the insurance provider. Also, contact the treatment center to learn more about your out-of-pocket costs and payment options.

Substance Use Trends In Everett, Massachusetts

More than half of the people admitted to addiction treatment programs in fiscal year 2017 reported using a needle in the past year. Other facts from Everett include:
  • In Everett, Massachusetts, more than 700 people sought treatment for addiction during fiscal year 2017.
  • More than half of people admitted to treatment programs during fiscal year 2017 named heroin as their primary drug.
  • The number of people admitted to addiction treatment programs in Everett has been decreasing in recent years.

Consider Telehealth Services

Massachusetts is in the midst of a stay-at-home advisory. However, this does not mean you should put off addiction treatment. As an alternative to inpatient treatment, you can access recovery programs and services via telehealth at Vertava Health Massachusetts. Our newly implemented program allows you to receive care and treatment from the comfort of your own home. With a stable internet connection and a compatible device, you can participate in individual therapy, peer support groups, and other services with telehealth.

Vertava Health Massachusetts In Cummington, Massachusetts

As a resident of Everett, you can travel to Vertava Health Massachusetts in under 2.5 hours. We offer residential treatment programs customized to meet the needs of each patient. Our facility offers gender-separate programs, as well as specialized treatment options for people who have both a substance use disorder and a co-occurring mental health issue. Vertava Health Massachusetts is secluded and provides a calm, relaxing environment for patients. To learn more about telehealth or to begin the enrollment process, please contact us today.