Our Program

We feel very honored that you are considering our therapeutic boarding school as a place where your child - and your family, can begin the process of a New Beginning. Our professional staff of residential mentors, clinical counselors, teachers, and support services staff are here for one reason: To help teens to get back on track by restoring relationships and rediscovering academic success, and to prepare them for the challenges of adolescence and young adulthood.

Should you select ASR for your family, over the next 12-20 months or so, you will be challenged to examine your possible contributions to your child's difficulties. Our program is designed to build upon the therapeutic wilderness experience and/or prior treatment success as well as delve into areas that perhaps were not addressed or were only recently identified before coming to ASR.

Our master's level clinical counselors will work with you and your child and will serve as your primary point of contact at ASR. Within the first week of enrollment, one of these professionals will contact you to set up regular, weekly communication. They will also be the ones conducting the weekly individual sessions with your child and will organize the family Working Visits.

The Working Visits - the first being scheduled after your child completes the Pathways transition phase of our program (within 4 to 6 weeks of enrollment) - are geared toward setting goals, clarifying expectations, and identifying those issues with which our families typically struggle. In addition to these flexible opportunities for family work, we also offer our new Parent Orientation Seminars (scheduled after the Working Visit) and Team Parent Workshops (scheduled approximately every 5 months). Please see the schedule on Parent Check-in for your child's upcoming Team Parent Workshops.

Again, we appreciate you considering ASR and enthusiastically welcome the opportunity to help your family.

Paul Hickling

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