Addiction Treatment In Brockton, Massachusetts

When you have a substance use disorder, both your mental and physical health will suffer. In most cases, these disorders only get worse with time.

For this reason, it’s important for anyone who has an addiction to receive professional treatment as soon as possible. Fortunately, with the proper treatment program, anyone who has an addiction can overcome the disorder and begin improving their quality of life.

Drug And Alcohol Detox Programs

Before you can begin your journey to recovery, you must stop using drugs and alcohol. Unfortunately, this process often involves uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, as well as a risk of health complications.

Drug and alcohol detox programs provide the resources and support you need to complete this process with as few obstacles as possible. Most detox programs provide medication, medical support, and other services.

Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient or residential drug rehab is designed to keep patients fully immersed in the treatment process at all times.

If you opt for one of these programs, you’ll follow a carefully constructed daily schedule that will include a variety of activities, including individual psychotherapy sessions, group therapy meetings, recreation, education, and/or alternative therapies.

Many of these programs customize their treatment programs based on the needs of each individual, while others may require all patients to follow the same treatment plan.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Outpatient addiction treatment is also a service provided to patients who are transitioning out of inpatient care. These programs may also be suitable if you have a schedule or obligations that prevent you from being able to take advantage of an inpatient program.

Although outpatient therapy is typically more affordable and flexible than inpatient therapy, it may have a lower success rate when used as the first line of treatment.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

One of the most difficult challenges for patients in addiction recovery programs is the experience of intense drug cravings. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) can help alleviate these cravings by prescribing each patient a specific, FDA-approved medication.

In most cases, medication will be used alongside other treatment services, such as behavioral therapy or counseling. Opioid and alcohol use disorders are the only conditions addressed by MAT at this time.


Every person who has a substance use disorder will be at risk of relapse after leaving an addiction treatment program. However, patients can reduce their risk of relapse by participating in aftercare.

The best addiction treatment programs provide aftercare planning and services to every patient who enrolls. For the best results, look for a program that offers these services.

How To Pay For Addiction Treatment

Most alcohol and drug rehab centers are willing to accept a variety of payment options, including cash, credit, and reimbursements from your health insurance company. Confirm your coverage with both the insurance provider and the treatment center.

If you’re finding it difficult to pay your bill, consider applying for a personal loan, asking about a payment plan, or even borrowing money from friends and family.

Substance Abuse Trends In Brockton, Massachusetts

Almost 60 percent of those admitted to treatment programs in Brockton during fiscal year 2017 were not employed at the time of admission. Other facts include:

  • 1,874 people from Brockton were served by addiction treatment programs during fiscal year 2017.
  • Almost one in three of the people who were treated for substance use disorders in Brockton reported homelessness at the time of their enrollment.
  • Almost half of the people who were admitted to treatment programs in Brockton reported using a needle to inject drugs in the past year before their admission.

Vertava Health Massachusetts In Cummington, Massachusetts

Brockton is slightly over two hours away from Vertava Health Massachusetts. We offer comprehensive treatment services, including a full-service residential program.

Specialized treatment is available from our facility for patients who have a co-occurring mental health disorder. All patients have access to 24-hour nursing care, as well as treatment from a medical doctor and trained recovery coaches.

If you’re interested in learning more about our rehab programs, please contact Vertava Health Massachusettstoday.