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Addiction is a serious disease that requires a lifelong commitment to treatment and maintenance. We can’t promise you an easy journey, but we can give you our word that we will be there with you through every challenge, each amazing breakthrough, and will celebrate with you when you finally gain sobriety. Your struggle is our struggle, and we are committed to helping our patients live their lives again.

At Vertava Health Massachusetts, we offer you, and anyone else suffering from addiction, access to a myriad of treatment methods and techniques. Our programs are all based on medically-proven methods that have been tested and approved for use in treating addiction. Every aspect of your health will be examined, your addiction put under the microscope, and appropriate treatment for drug addiction is used to help take you through the challenging steps of addiction recovery.

No two people are the same, therefore, no two approaches to treatment should be the same. Our individualized approach to substance use treatment is what sets us apart. Through listening and assessment we will create a plan that forms a solid foundation for permanent recovery.

Recovery Through Treatment Starts With Detoxification Services

The first step in our treatment is to help you break free from the toxic physical clutches of addiction. We offer medication-assisted therapies that create a comfortable environment to help you through the serious and physically painful stages of withdrawal.

Due to the strain that the chemical components of the drugs or alcohol placed on you, some of your body’s delicate systems are not processing correctly. When you use these substances, your body’s physiology and neurochemistry are altered. In the latter case, your brain’s very chemistry has changed. Certain neurotransmitters, important chemical messengers within your brain, have adapted to the influx of the drug within your system.

For example, your brain may have adjusted to a substance being its sole provider of dopamine (a neurotransmitter responsible for feelings of relaxation and contentment) and stop producing the chemical on its own.

If you suddenly cease using the addictive substance, your body and brain will react harshly, as they have become dependent on the drug in some capacity to function, resulting in what can, at times, be very uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. With time, the brain is able to bounce back and begin producing dopamine on its own again. 

Our Rehab Can Help With Treatment Through Medication

Due to these reasons our specialists may, in some situations, determine that a person be better helped through this period by the aid of medication. We will skillfully and gradually taper you off of the addictive substance, that way your body can acclimate and progress towards stability, preparing you for the next steps of treatment.

In addition to prescription medications to treat withdrawal and the accompanying agitation, anxiety, and depression that might be present during this time, we may use a variety of non-addictive medications to further help you find an equilibrium and address any other health and medical issues that may stem from your withdrawal. 

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We may also supplement your health with nutritive support to help give your body better protection and balance after the addiction’s devastating effects.

In the past, many rehab centers stopped here and let a person exit treatment to handle their remaining problems on their own. At Vertava Health Massachusetts, we believe in a holistic treatment method that manages all of your symptoms and returns you as much as possible to your pre-addiction state.

We understand that detoxification is just the first step and that working with you through the negative symptoms of withdrawal will only help you get your foot in the door of recovery.

Even with medication-assisted withdrawal, you are likely to experience some physical discomfort and emotional pain. Our expert counselors will be there to help you in any way possible during inpatient addiction treatment, including giving you replacement medicines or simply offering a caring presence. They will listen to your concerns and work hard to address them in healthy ways.

At Vertava Health Massachusetts, you are never alone. We’re here to ensure that every step of the process is as comfortable as possible to ensure a solid foundation for success in recovery.

Physical Health Assessment – A Key Part of Recovery

We pride ourselves on utilizing the nation’s best treatment modalities to provide individualized care. During your initial check-in period, your physical health will be carefully assessed to ensure that you aren’t suffering from any major health problems. Pain management techniques will be implemented here, as well as new and improved dietary guidelines. Once you’re ready, we’ll begin to build your strength up through low-impact workout techniques such as Tai Chi and yoga.

The benefits of improved physical health are two-fold. First, it will help give you more strength, focus, and positive energy. Secondly, it will help improve your mental health and alleviate anxiety and depression symptoms. Mindfulness techniques, such as meditation and breathing exercises, will help you master cravings and avoid dangerous relapses. We offer you access to a high-quality exercise room that lets you take a break and perform your own private fitness routines.

The synchronization of body and mind can be key to getting to the root of substance use issues. The more in tune you become with yourself, the less likely you are to seek comfort in substance use. Achieving inner-peace is paramount to lasting recovery.

Regular checkups on your physical health will help make sure you are performing all your exercises properly and in a healthy manner. You will also be monitored to ensure that you aren’t suffering from any new or potent types of pain. Vertava Health Massachusetts is a leader in bringing you out of the physical doldrums created by addiction and giving you a whole new outlook on life and healthy living.

Psychological Help Is Prioritized at Our Rehab center

Countless studies have found that mental health disorders are a common contributing factor to addiction. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has determined that upwards of 43% of people in treatment for substance use disorders also suffer from a mental health disorder. Thankfully, our experts at Vertava Health Massachusetts are skilled at identifying your mental health disorders and finding ways to treat them. It is only through the elimination of these problems that you can achieve a life that is truly free from addiction. Anticipate the following treatments to help address your mental and emotional health needs:

  • Dual diagnosis treatments to help treat co-occurring disorders, such as depression, anxiety, and trauma
  • Recreational treatment, such as painting and writing, that help you express your personal emotions in a constructive and meaningful way
  • Family and group therapy that allows you to build strong support systems that fully understand your addiction, and who are willing to help you maintain your focus on the will to succeed

These psychological treatments will be going on alongside behavioral adjustment techniques to help you find new and healthy ways of coping with problems and beating relapse cravings. This “total person” therapy method may feel exhausting, but when you’re in the thick of recovery, you’ll find yourself compelled to continue your therapy and excited to tackle its new daily challenges. That’s the kind of motivation that treatment at Vertava Health Massachusetts inspires.

Behavioral Adjustment Techniques Used in Rehab

Our highly successful mental health treatment doesn’t stop at just counseling sessions. We also offer multiple behavioral adjustment techniques that will guide you towards more healthy and positive coping methods. For example, our cognitive behavioral therapy experts will teach you how to correct negative thinking patterns (including addictive thought patterns) and replace them with positive ones.

This helps you create a positive self-image and a new sense of self-respect, both of which are crucial for addiction recovery success. If you suffer from more extreme mental health problems such as borderline personality disorder, dialectical behavior therapy will teach you how to manage extreme emotions, gain a calm personal insight, and interact with people in healthier ways. This will help break the need for addiction in your life and give you increased strength.

Another interesting approach we specialize in here at Vertava Health Massachusetts is motivational interviewing. This technique is non-invasive and non-confrontational, instead it focuses on a goal-oriented intervention. Basically, an expert will interview you and help identify areas of life that motivate you so you can place your focus on them. You’ll learn what truly matters to you and learn how to master those aspects in your recovery.

Drug or Alcohol Addiction Treatment In Boston And Worcester

The opioid epidemic has swept Boston, taking over 600 lives in its wake due to overdose deaths. Massachusetts Avenue, nicknamed “Methadone Mile”, is notorious for hosting open drug deals and trades once the sun goes down. The city is no stranger to alcoholism and other drug addiction as well.

Worcester, like many cities in the U.S., sees a large share of drug and alcohol addiction. Many people receive criminal charges for drug offenses, without getting the help in treatment they need. Treatment near Worcester is available and involves a number of methods to help heal from addiction.

Drug Rehab Aftercare Services and Support Groups

After you finish treatment with us, you will be enrolled in our aftercare services. This typically includes regular calls from our counselors to help gauge your treatment success and progress. During these calls, you can discuss any issues you may be facing and vent out your frustrations as needed. Our graduates often learn to look forward to these calls as a way of checking their own success and motivating themselves to succeed.

We also work hard to help you integrate back into your daily routine by helping you find temporary housing or even work, if necessary. Beyond these services are our educational classes, which help teach you new skills and regain lost ones. Essentially, aftercare sets you up for continued success after you leave our facility.

If you need it, we also offer outpatient care that will give you the temporary help you need to beat cravings or to recover from a relapse. When relapse occurs, it is very important to be surrounded by a support system of trusted individuals to help lift you back up. Ideally, relapse can be used as a learning tool to create new motivation for a sober life. We’re also here to help set you up with a sobriety group of your choice. There is a wide network of international sobriety organizations that can be used as a resource. We want you happy and healthy and will do whatever is in our power to help you achieve inner peace and tranquility.

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FAQs Regarding Treatment for Addiction

What do you mean by drug addiction?

Drug addiction is a set of both physical and psychological issues caused by the chronic use of a tolerance-forming substance. This means that the user needs to use more and more of the particular substance to maintain the same effects.  When the use of this substance is stopped, it may have very unpleasant physical and psychological “withdrawal” symptoms.

What qualifies as an addiction?

Addiction is a complex condition that is defined by habitual and compulsive substance use despite negative consequences. It is usually marked by a pattern of reward and reinforcement in the brain. Someone suffering from addiction may focus all of their activity on the access and use of their preferred substance to the point that it becomes their main motivator. This pursuit of their addiction often leads to negative consequences in their personal and professional lives.

What happens when you are addicted?

People with addiction issues may face a spectrum of negative consequences. Addictive substance use changes the chemistry of the brain to where it cannot function normally on its own. Addiction issues may have social consequences as well because a person’s pursuit of the substance may have negative effects on relationships.

What does addiction really mean?

At its core, addiction is an uncontrollable urge to do something, despite negative consequences. Addiction can form around activities, relationships, and substances. In general, addictions develop into chronic conditions over time but when dealing with chemically-addictive substances, addiction can occur in a much shorter period.

There’s Always a Rehab Program Available to You at Vertava Health Massachusetts

Here at Vertava Health Massachusetts, we are dedicated to helping people like you master their recovery and emerge from the cocoon of addiction to begin a new life of health and wellness. No longer will you be trapped by your addiction and forced to march to its beat. Our programs will give you a new rhythm and work hard to bring you in-step with its healthy and vital beat.

So please contact us today to learn more about how we can help you. We will offer you a free assessment and find a program that works for your needs. All addiction cases are unique, and we will isolate the influences behind yours and create a treatment method that breaks its hold on your life. Don’t hesitate to make the most important decision of your life.