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Nutrition Education

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individuals participating in nutrition educationAddiction can have a severe effect on your health which can be made worse by poor eating habits that are commonly associated with addiction. Men and women struggling with addiction will often skip meals, practice binge eating, or eat nothing but comfort foods. A nutrition education program can help patients learn how to eat healthily and improve their overall physical and mental health. Addiction treatment therapy programs offer a wide range of support, including nutrition therapy for addiction. At Vertava Health Massachusetts, we help our patients develop healthy eating habits through our nutrition education program. We show them how a diet of lean proteins, whole grains, and leafy green vegetables can improve their physical health and mental clarity. Plus, it can have a significant impact on your addiction recovery. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and is ready to make a positive change, call 888.655.0289 today to speak with our compassionate staff about our nutrition education program in Massachusetts.

How Can Nutrition Therapy for Addiction Help You?

Your body needs food to maintain energy level, weight, and concentration. Without it, you end up hurting your health in more ways than most people think. For patients struggling with addiction, their hunger pains may be mistaken for drug cravings, and instead of eating, they continue to abuse their substance of choice. Skipping meals and poor nutrition can cause:
  • A decrease in energy levels
  • Cravings for sugary food or carbs
  • More likely to binge eat and gain weight
  • Feeling irritable
  • A lack of concentration
  • Unhealthy skin, hair, and nails
Eating a nutritious diet is essential for your recovery and maintaining your sobriety. At Vertava Health Massachusetts, our nutrition education program helps patients understand how addiction can create unhealthy eating habits and lead to a significant decline in their health.

What to Expect from a Nutrition Education Program in Massachusetts

Without the right foods in your system, you can expect your recovery to take longer and be more difficult. Addiction recovery requires a healthy mind and body to heal properly. Instead of relying on more medication, patients learn to improve their health through healthy meal choices and eating on a regular schedule. A nutrition education program in Massachusetts will teach you about:
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies – When you eat nothing but sugary or carb-heavy foods, you are not getting enough vitamins and minerals that your body needs to maintain good health. Eating is not just about filling your belly. It’s about feeding your body the right vitamins and minerals such as B-12, D, zinc, and magnesium.
  • Improved life skills – Patients learn how to make the right food choices for their health and learn how to shop, prep, and cook healthy meals. They also learn the value of eating regularly and how it can increase their cravings for drugs and alcohol if they start to feel hungry.
  • Reducing the risk of relapse and overdose – Healthy living promotes healthy thinking. The better you take care of your health. The less your cravings will affect you and decrease the risk of having a bad day and relapsing.

Vertava Health – Massachusetts: Helping Men and Women Improve Their Health Through Our Nutrition Education Program

At Vertava Health Massachusetts, we provide our patients with a holistic approach to addiction recovery. Patients learn how addiction affects them mentally and physically through our addiction treatment therapy programs. Therapists work with patients to help them understand what is driving their addiction and what they need to do to regain control of their lives. Along with our nutrition education program, patients will have access to:
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Writing therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Family therapy
If you would like to learn more about our nutrition education program and how a healthy diet can improve your addiction recovery, call 888.655.0289 today to speak with our friendly staff about our nutrition education program in Massachusetts.