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Partial Hospitalization Program

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partial hospitalization program massachusettsAddiction recovery is often divided into stages, with detox and inpatient rehab considered the most intensive. While many people find that they will best benefit from an inpatient or residential treatment program, this type of addiction treatment program may not be a perfect fit for everyone. Once those stages are complete, many people will transition to some form of an outpatient treatment program that affords more flexibility for work, school, and home life. However, some individuals may be a better fit for outpatient treatment right off the bat, as opposed to inpatient treatment.

At Vertava Health Massachusetts, we offer day treatment, also known as partial hospitalization for addiction, which can benefit patients in many different ways. Our partial hospitalization program (PHP) is a type of outpatient care that allows patients to attend programming at our facility during the day with the freedom to return home at night. The facility is located a short drive away from Cummington in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

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Benefits of a PHP at Vertava Health–Massachusetts

One of the greatest benefits of our partial hospitalization treatment program is that our patients don’t have to spend weeks or months isolated from their loved ones. Receiving organic support from family can substantially contribute to a successful recovery. At Vertava Health Massachusetts, we realize that everyone deals with addiction issues differently, so our individualized approach to your care is so important.

Dealing with cravings, triggers, and potential relapse are normal parts of the recovery process. By facing these realities in a safe environment, patients learn to put their sober living skills into practice. PHPs encourage patients to internalize the values they learn in treatment. This prepares patients to face the next step of their recovery with confidence.

Another goal of the PHP at Vertava Health Massachusetts is to provide patients with the freedom to practice recovery skills at their own pace. Day treatment places a time buffer between the intensive residential phase and community reintegration. After participating in weeks of immersive counseling and recreational therapies, day treatment ensures that patients have adequate time to process their treatment experience.

Partial hospitalization at Vertava Health Massachusetts offers additional benefits, including: 

How Long Does PHP Treatment Last?

Vertava Health Massachusetts does not require that patients spend a specific amount of days in partial hospitalization. However, patients who need ongoing care are welcome to participate in outpatient therapy as long as they may need it.

Many treatment centers offer outpatient treatment as an opportunity to practice recovery skills in real-life situations. As the patient begins to demonstrate growth and a reduced risk of relapse, their treatment team may recommend tapering down their treatment sessions.

At Vertava Health Massachusetts, we encourage patients to continue day treatment and outpatient therapy as long as necessary for a successful recovery. 

Is a Partial Hospitalization Program Right For Me?

Vertava Health Massachusetts is an excellent fit for those looking for partial hospitalization programs in Massachusetts. Our program prides itself on providing compassionate care in a serene and inspiring environment.

Our partial hospitalization program may be a good fit for you if: 

Let Vertava Health Massachusetts Help You Today

Research shows that the best way to treat substance use and addiction is in a structured and medically-focused program like we offer at Vertava Health Massachusetts. We offer many treatment modalities that cater to whatever needs you may have on your journey towards health and wellness.

Our on-site treatment services offer:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Mindfulness training
  • Psychotherapy
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)

These treatment services are offered in individual and group settings, based on the patient’s unique needs. Vertava Health Massachusetts’ commitment to individualized treatment means that each patient will receive a personalized and ongoing treatment plan.

Call us today at 888.655.0289 to learn more about our PHP and how it can help you or a loved one lead a life of recovery.