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Motivational Interviewing (MI) for Addiction Treatment

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At Vertava Health Massachusetts, we provide a fully-integrated treatment environment that can aid people with every concern that may impact the cause and rehabilitation of their substance use and addiction. Our staff employs a variety of methods to help us deliver this attentive and compassionate care, one of which includes a therapeutic approach called motivational interviewing (MI) so that we can, together, build an alliance towards your recovery.

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Stages of Motivational Interviewing in Addiction Treatment

Change doesn’t happen overnight. Motivational interviewing is based on the concept that change is incremental. There are stage-specific motivational conflicts, or essentially, steps that a person must work through as they find resolution and momentum towards change. 

These stages are:

  • Precontemplation – During this stage, a person may be in denial. They may not see how their substance use warrants concern or how it is a problem. If they do consider seeking help at all, it is not because they feel they need it.
  • Contemplation – A person begins to see and understand how quitting drugs or alcohol would improve their life in some manner, but they don’t yet see themselves actually quitting or committing to changing.
  • Preparation – A person is gaining momentum and feeling more positive about quitting. They begin to formulate steps that they can take towards change. Some people may still feel uncertain if they have what it takes to follow through and exact the change.
  • Action – At this point, a person is at the beginning of change and has likely seen the positive results of their action, as they have begun to take some positive steps. However, part of them may still feel the urge to use or question why they should continue.
  • Maintenance – A person has gained momentum and established patterns and good behaviors that they have maintained for some time. Relapse prevention needs to be at the forefront of their concerns.

When a person comes to us at Vertava Health Massachusetts for treatment, they may have experienced any number of these steps. Motivational interviewing helps us to give you space to find the freedom to share with us where you are so that we may help you.

The Principles Of Motivational Interviewing for Addiction

Motivational interviewing relies on five principles that are foundational to its success, which are:

  • Express empathy through reflective listening
  • Develop discrepancy between goals and current behavior
  • Avoid argument and direct confrontation
  • Adjust to patient resistance rather than opposing it directly
  • Support self-efficacy and optimism

Our Vertava Health Massachusetts staff will use the information they’ve already obtained from the assessment to remind patients of their strengths and how they empower them towards finding the will, skill, and courage to change. In order to foster realistic optimism, our staff will paint an accurate picture of the journey before each patient and the dynamics that influence it. 

Explore Motivational Interviewing in Addiction Treatment at Vertava Health Massachusetts

Don’t lose sight of yourself any further. Maladaptive thoughts and behaviors can pollute a person’s body and mind when struggling with drugs or alcohol. At Vertava Health Massachusetts, our expert staff can help initialize and implement compassionate care tailored to meet you in the ways that will best support your journey away from your substance use or addiction and towards sobriety. Not only this, but we will help you to look within and find the strength and perseverance that is inherent in your desire for wellness.

If you’re interested in learning more about our motivational interviewing in Massachusetts, contact our Vertava Health Massachusetts team today at 888.655.0289 or reach out to us online.