first responders

First responders are those who are typically the first to arrive on the scene of an emergency. They include police offices, paramedics, firefighters, EMTs, and more.

Because of their professions, first responders may regularly face high-stress and traumatic situations that can take a toll on their physical and and mental health. Over time, some first responders may even develop a mental health or substance use disorder. To help, our Massachusetts addiction treatment center offers treatment programs for first responders wo are struggling to cope with these challenges on their own.

Mental Health in First Responders

First responders may encounter life-and-death situations or witness the aftermath of horrific events. Just one of these experiences can have a lasting impact on someone, but first responders may come across these situations regularly.

The result may be the development of a mental health condition. Depression, anxiety, and PTSD among first responders tend to be particularly common. PTSD is a mental health condition that involves nightmares or flashbacks to traumatic experiences and can severely interfere with a person’s life. There are resources and mental health programs for first responders in Massachusetts and throughout the United States, but not every first responder is quick to get help. Unfortunately, if these symptoms are ignored, they may get worse or lead to other behavioral health concerns like substance abuse.

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Substance Abuse Among First Responders

First responders and substance use disorders may also go hand in hand. Because of their demanding jobs, some first responders will rely on drugs and alcohol for help or as a way to cope with their troubles.

These substances may provide temporary relief but will likely make symptoms worse in the long run. This habitual coping pattern could also turn into a substance use disorder. Substance abuse treatment for first responders who have fallen into this pattern should focus on their mental health to help them achieve lasting sobriety.

Some first responders will also rely on drugs because of physical pain. The physical strain from their everyday work could lead to serious injury or chronic pain. Opioids can be prescribed to treat this pain, but if misused, these medications can be addictive. Our prescription drug addiction treatment in Massachusetts can help first responders learn alternative means of dealing with this pain so that they can stop abusing these drugs.

Massachusetts Substance Abuse Treatment for First Responders in Need

At Vertava Health Massachusetts, we appreciate the hard work and sacrifices of our first responders and do our best to get them the treatment that they deserve.

With a full measurement-based assessment before admission, we strive to place patients in the right level of care for them and provide individualized treatment plans designed to meet the patient’s specific goals. Our compassionate and licensed staff members have experience working with first responders and are sensitive to their needs. We will not only tailor treatment to the individual but also focus on common challenges that the first responder community often faces.

Because of their experience with trauma and the strain that this can have on their mental health, we offer substance use disorder treatment for first responders in Massachusetts that included focusing on psychological healing. Expanding on our current evidence-based treatment modalities, treatment for first responders may include trauma-informed care or other specialized approaches to help them better cope with challenges they face on the job. Our goal is to get first responders mental health support alongside their addiction treatment so that they can find lasting sobriety.

With a full continuum of care, we work with first responders to determine the best treatment program for them. While some first responders may benefit from living at our facility, others may be looking for intensive outpatient care that can work into their busy shift schedule.

At Vertava Health Massachusetts, we help first responders get the treatment they need so they can get back to doing what they love without carrying around the burden of their service alone. Contact us today to learn more about our treatment options for first responders.