Addiction Treatment In Holyoke, Massachusetts

Choosing an addiction treatment program means you may spend time comparing different qualities and services. While you’re doing this, you should be aware that more effective programs get you into treatment as soon as possible.

These programs also provide an individualized treatment plan to follow, so that you’ll have services that are aimed at your specific needs. If you’re looking close to Holyoke, Vertava Health Massachusetts is a campus located nearby that offers individualized rehab plans and prompt treatment.

Detox in Holyoke

While going through withdrawal from alcohol or drugs, you may experience unpleasant physical and mental symptoms. You might have cravings for the substance you used to use as well, which can make it difficult to stay sober.

Drug and alcohol detox programs with medical supervision provide inpatient or outpatient services to help you get through withdrawal with increased safety and less discomfort overall. You should be in better condition to enter treatment after finishing detox.

Inpatient Care Near Holyoke

Having enough support is a crucial part of the recovery process. When you don’t have this kind of support on a regular basis, you should look at inpatient programs.

You’ll have plenty of support at an inpatient rehab facility, along with safety thanks to 24-hour supervision. You’ll also get prompt care from doctors, counselors, social workers, and other professionals during a residential program.

Your inpatient schedule is likely to include individual behavioral therapy and group therapy. With an individualized treatment plan, your daily schedule will consist of a variety of services, from life skills classes to recreational activities like hiking.


You might discover that you have a hard time getting used to sober living after rehab, which makes aftercare services so important.

These services give you ongoing support so you can stay safe while adjusting to your new life. Aftercare services can range from support over the phone with peers to 12-Step programs or assistance with finding employment or safe housing.

Substance Abuse In Holyoke And Hampden County

Opioid overdoses and other serious drug problems have occurred in Holyoke and Hampden County in recent years. Facts from this region include:

  • Hampden County had a total of 496 fatal drug overdoses occur between 2016 and 2018.
  • There were 122 drug-related deaths in Hampden County in 2017 alone.
  • Holyoke had a total of 13 fatal opioid-related overdoses occur in 2017 and 14 in 2018.
  • Hampden County had a total of 113 fatal opioid-related overdoses occur in 2017 and 209 in 2018.

Consider Telehealth Services

Telehealth addiction services, which are now provided by Vertava Health Massachusetts, allow Massachusetts residents to receive treatment for addiction via video conferencing and other virtual tools.

If you’re hesitant to attend residential treatment during COVID-19, but still wish to address your condition, telehealth services allow you to access treatment from the comfort of home.

Vertava Health In Cummington, Massachusetts

Vertava Health Massachusetts, formerly Swift River, offers scenic surroundings, a caring environment, and several services to help you overcome addiction. Our campus, which is roughly 25 miles away from Holyoke, provides therapeutic services, including art therapy and behavioral therapy.

Outdoor activities in the Berkshire Mountains are also available. We have amenities conveniently located on-site as well, including a fitness center and yoga. To learn more about Vertava Health Massachusetts please connect with us today.