Help us fight the deadly stigma of addictive disorders in your city by raising awareness with your own poster design!

Frederic, Maryland Heroin Overdoses

According to the most recent data from the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, there have been 206 heroin-related overdoses in the county since the start of 2016. Twenty-three of those overdoses have been fatal.

Design Contest

Shame Kills – now help your city overcome its shame and reach out for a helping hand.

Shame from addiction kills 47,000 people annually, and many of them die from the toxic, strangling shame that prevents their cries for help with their addictive disorders go unheard.

Help us raise awareness and fight the deadly stigma of addictive disorders in your city by creating your own poster to spread the message!

The winner receives $500, a framed poster, and their artwork featured on awareness-raising billboards in their city!

Contest Guidelines

Draw, paint, photograph, or design your interpretation of the message Shame Kills

All submissions should in a JPG format and no larger than 1 MB

Posters should be submitted in an 11″ x 17″ inch, landscape format

Email submissions to [email protected] by November 30, 2016, 
at 11:59 p.m. EST

Ready To Make A Change?

We can help you overcome addiction and get your life back. Your calls are always free and 100% confidential.


Create A Poster And Save Lives

Inspire people with addictive disorders – and their loved ones – to overcome shame and seek help

Contest is open to all ages. The winning poster will be chosen by the Shame Kills advisory group

The winning poster could be used in print, digital or both.

The strength of your design will be in its slogan or message and its ability to translate across different mediums.

Examples include: billboards, phone poles, local business signage, bus stop signage, transportation advertising, online banner ads, website content, Facebook photos and posts, Pinterest, and other social networks.

Driving Directions From Frederick, Maryland To Cummington, Massachusetts

Follow US-15 N to PA-581 E in Camp Hill. Take the PA-581 E exit from US-15 N (67.6 miles)
Take I-81 N, I-78 E, I-287 N, I-87 N and I-90 E to NY-22 N in Canaan
Take exit B3 from I-90 E (311 miles)
Continue on NY-22 N. Take MA-41 N, W Housatonic Street and MA-9 E to South St in Plainfield Massachusetts (37.3 miles)

Poster Contest Winner

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