SUD Treatment In Springfield, Massachusetts

All addiction treatment programs offer a unique structure and a varied menu of services for patients. Because a variety of options are available, it’s a good idea to learn about the offerings in your area before enrolling in a program. This way you can make an informed decision.

As you look at different programs, be sure to consider Vertava Health Massachusetts. Our facility isn’t far from Springfield and offers a wide-range of services, from detox to comprehensive residential care.

Springfield Detox Programs

Before you begin a drug and alcohol detox program, you may benefit from going through detox. Professional detox programs provide you with the supportive services you need to deal with withdrawal symptoms and address any complications that may arise.

Detox programs are short-term in nature and are effective when conducted on an inpatient basis.

Springfield Inpatient Drug Rehab

The most comprehensive and effective treatment structure available to patients who have addictions is inpatient drug rehab. These programs require you to remain within the treatment facility both day and night for the duration of your program.

During this time, you may participate in a variety of activities designed to support recovery. Many inpatient programs emphasize peer interactions and make them a key component of their approach to recovery. The length, cost, and exact structure of inpatient rehab programs vary.

Continued Care

After graduating from inpatient drug rehab, you may decide to transition into an outpatient program. You may also opt for an outpatient program if you’re not able to enroll in residential treatment for logistical or financial reasons.

Although outpatient treatment programs tend to be less structured and offer patients more freedom, IOPs offer the same level of care as inpatient treatment.


Aftercare Near Springfield

Following the completion of your addiction treatment program, you’ll always be at risk of relapse, especially when you deal with stress or other triggers.

In order to keep yourself sober, you need to be involved in aftercare activities that help you remain connected to the addiction recovery community. Before you enroll in a rehab program, ask about the availability of aftercare planning and services.

Drug Abuse In Springfield, Massachusetts

Nearly half of all people who enrolled in treatment during fiscal year 2017 reported using needles, and more than 40 percent reported homelessness. Other facts include:

  • There were 5,766 treatment admissions in the city of Springfield during fiscal year 2017.
  • More than 50 percent of the people who were admitted to treatment programs in Springfield during this time listed heroin as their primary drug.
  • Most patients who enrolled in treatment listed alcohol or cocaine as their primary drug during this period.

Vertava Health

Vertava Health Massachusetts is less than an hour from Springfield, making it an ideal choice for anyone seeking treatment in this area. We offer compassionate treatment options, including both inpatient and outpatient services.

Our facility is located in a peaceful environment surrounded by 500 acres of breathtaking landscape. Please contact Vertava Health Massachusetts today to learn more about our programs.