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Plymouth, Massachusetts Alcohol And Drug Rehab Options

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Addiction Treatment In Plymouth, Massachusetts

If you have substance use disorder, it can change every aspect of your life. If left untreated, you may experience both physical and psychological consequences. Fortunately, professional treatment programs are available to help you recover from your addiction and live a healthier life. As you compare different programs, remember to consider the availability of customized treatment services.

Drug And Alcohol Detox Programs

For many patients, detox is one of the most difficult parts of addiction recovery. Drug and alcohol detox programs offer support for patients while they deal with withdrawal symptoms. These short-term programs are often conducted on an inpatient basis. They typically include medication, as well as other services to keep patients more comfortable. [middle-callout]

Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient drug rehab programs represent the highest level of care available to patients in addiction treatment. These programs offer 24/7 supervision and continuous support for every patient in order to give them the best chance of making a full recovery. Inpatient treatment programs are ideal when used as the first line of treatment for people with addiction. In many cases, patients will leave the highly structured environment of inpatient rehab and transition to outpatient therapy for ongoing care.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment

If inpatient rehab is not an option for you, you may be able to enroll in outpatient treatment. Outpatient treatment may also be appropriate for patients who have already finished treatment in an inpatient facility and are ready to begin the transition back to normal life. Different intensities of outpatient programs are available, with the most intensive programs requiring at least nine hours of treatment on a weekly basis.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

The results of research indicate that people recovering from opioid or alcohol addiction may benefit from taking certain medications designed to reduce the intensity of cravings. These medications are the focal point of medication-assisted treatment programs, which may operate with either an inpatient or outpatient structure. In most cases, these programs combine medication with other services like behavioral therapy.


Aftercare services are designed to keep you connected to the addiction recovery community so you have the resources and support you need when you feel triggered or face cravings. The best alcohol and drug rehab programs will incorporate aftercare planning into the treatment process. Many of these programs also sponsor or coordinate various aftercare services.

How To Pay For Addiction Treatment

Most patients cover their treatment expenses using a combination of medical insurance payments, cash, and credit cards. While some patients may pay their full portion of the expenses upfront, others may negotiate a payment plan with the treatment facility. Before beginning a treatment program, it’s important to verify all costs, as well as your insurance coverage. During this process, be sure to reach out to your insurance company and the treatment facility itself.

Substance Use Trends In Plymouth, Massachusetts

Many addiction treatment patients in this area report alcohol as a primary drug. In fact, alcohol was the primary drug for more than one-third of Plymouth patients. Other facts include:
  • A total of 1,026 people sought addiction treatment in Plymouth during fiscal year 2017.
  • Nearly 50 percent of people who sought treatment in Plymouth during this time were between the ages of 26 and 40.
  • Nearly 50 percent of people seeking addiction treatment in this area during fiscal year 2017 were unemployed.
  • The most common primary drug reported by people admitted to treatment in this area was heroin, accounting for more than 48 percent of admissions.

Consider Telehealth Services

Select addiction treatment facilities are now offering telehealth services to patients who cannot come to the facility for treatment, as well as for those who would rather receive treatment without leaving home. These services may also be used to connect providers who can’t come to a treatment facility with patients enrolled in residential programs. At Vertava Health Massachusetts in Cummington, telehealth services are available to prospective patients, current patients, and alumni.

Vertava Health In Cummington, Massachusetts

If you live in Plymouth, it will take only 2.5 hours to travel to Vertava Health Massachusetts. At our facility, you will find a full-service residential treatment program serving both men and women. Our facility also offers inpatient detox and medication-assisted treatment. We customize all of our treatment programs to meet the needs of the individual patient. In addition, we provide specialized services to patients who have co-occurring mental health disorders. Please contact us today to learn more.