Landing Page Image and Copy: Vertava Health Massachusetts Is Now Offering Telehealth Services for Addiction Treatment

Telehealth Services at Vertava Health Massachusetts

Telehealth services provide safe, convenient, and high-quality health care to patients in need. At Vertava Health Massachusetts, we’ll begin using telehealth services in two ways:

1. Our counselors at Vertava Health Massachusetts can video conference with patients in Massachusetts from the comfort and safety of their own homes.
2. Our treatment providers will virtually attend to active patients in our own facilities.

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Benefits of Telehealth Services For Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Telehealth services exist to provide treatment options for patients in all areas of the country who might otherwise go without care. These services can also make treatment more convenient for patients who cannot come to an in-person session easily, thus increasing the likeliness that they will attend.

In addition, Telehealth services can be used to connect healthcare providers with patients during times when in-person sessions are impractical or prohibited.

Specific to substance abuse treatment, Telehealth can be used to cover many needs, from care management and coordination to psychotherapy sessions. Some specific examples include:

  • Rural location— Patients who live in rural areas with few service providers can access better care via Telehealth services.
  • Long-term care — Telehealth can be used to provide multiple services on a remote basis, enabling patients to access the care they need without coming in person to the treatment facility.
  • Psychoeducation — Telehealth services can be used to provide patients with useful information about recovery and healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Medication reminders — Telehealth services can be used to encourage adherence to recommended medication schedules.
  • Added patient privacy — For patients who feel more comfortable receiving services privately and anonymously, Telehealth services can dramatically increase the likelihood of attending treatment sessions.
  • Provider education — MAT providers who distribute medications can benefit from Telehealth-based education services.

How Do Insurance and Payments for Telehealth Work?

HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) can be used to pay for any of the above programs. Contact us to see if additional insurance coverage may apply.

How Is Telehealth at Vertava Health Massachusetts Being Used?

Telehealth services are being implemented to offer added convenience in Vertava Health Massachusetts’s residential programs, as well as to provide remote supportive services to those who cannot come to an in-person appointment or attend a group-based treatment.

Our initial launch of Telehealth services will focus on psychiatry and patient care:

  • Psychiatrist First Visits will be available to prospective patients and alumni.
  • Psychiatrist Ongoing Visits will be available to patients, prospective patients, and alumni.
  • Support Meetings will be available to prospective patients and alumni. These sessions will be free of charge for anyone who needs support.
  • Individual Therapy with licensed therapists or social workers will be available to all active patients.
  • Office-Based Treatment for Opioid Use Disorders will be available to both inpatient and outpatient patients.

To learn more about our Telehealth program, contact us today at (844)-950-1835.